The Best US Cities for Female Professionals

Traditionally speaking, men have always been the provider for the household. He worked while his partner took care of the children and their abode. However, things started to dramatically change when women became more involved in politics, business, economics, and practically everything that was once predominantly ruled by men.

In this modern world, men and women are now both working to make ends meet. That said, men still have the upper hand in some ways. According to recent labor and employment statistics, men are still the top earners in the United States. However, the salary gap caused by gender is slowly coming to a close. Many companies and firms are now offering lucrative salary packages to female professionals, from the entry-level positions all the way to the top suite.

Several cities in the country are becoming testament to such cultural shift. Financial magazine Forbes has listed the best cities in the United States that are financially attractive to the female worker.

First on the list is San Jose, California, where female professionals earn about an average annual salary of $67,052 for full time positions. That figure is more than twice the average salary in the worst-paying city of McAllen, Texas, where the female workers are only getting an average pay of just $31,287 per annum.

San Jose provides many employment opportunities for women. Industries that provide jobs for female workers are: manufacturing; professional, scientific and management services; and education and healthcare. Most professionals employed in San Jose have college degrees and are connected with private institutions, which might explain why they earn more in San Jose compared to other cities.

San Francisco, California comes next, where the average female worker earns $65,526 each year for a full time occupation. Like San Jose, San Francisco requires workers who have college degrees and a solid background in engineering and computer science. The high costs of living in San Francisco also factor into the very high average salary figures for female workers in the area.

Washington D.C. nabs the third spot, paying female professionals with an average salary of $64,779 each year. Most of the positions offered in the said city are government related or politically involved positions. There is a vast range of employment opportunities for women in this particular line of work as well. Aside from government and politics, industries that offer a plethora of opportunities for women are law, medicine and academia. That said, most positions, if not all, require a high level of education to qualify.

Looking at the big picture, the state of California seems to be the best state for female workers in terms of employment opportunities and salaries. Apart from San Jose and San Francisco, female earners make top dollar in the following Californian cities as ranked by Forbes Magazine: $54,800 in the Oxnard metro area (No. 8); $50,794 in Sacramento (No. 16); $50,670 in San Diego (No. 17); and $50,593 in Los Angeles (No. 18).

The Northeast region also seems to be a great area for female workers. This is mainly because of the concentration of top-rated universities and other academic institutions situated in the region. Three cities from Connecticut made the Forbes list: Bridgeport (No. 4), Hartford (No. 7) and New Haven (No. 13).  Boston, Massachusetts nabbed the 5th spot, besting New York, which settled for 6th place. Seattle, Washington- base of mega corporations like Boeing, Microsoft, and Starbucks, placed at number 10, where female workers rake in an average salary of $53,039 annually. Minneapolis, Minnesota averages out at $52,243 per year for female professionals, whose employers are mainly well-regarded companies and colleges. Sitting at the 13th spot is Denver, Colorado, which is home to many financial institutions. Women workers in Denver earn around $51,433 each year.


  1. Jeffrey says:

    There is one field that this article does not mention, but in which women are getting more of the jobs- TV news. My friend worked as an intern for a local news station while he was in college and when he graduated, that station hired a women with less experience.

  2. kelly says:

    I remember back around 1998, Seattle and San Francisco were two of the fastest growing cities for those who work in the technology field. Back then, my friend and I were recruited to go to work for an internet company based out of San Francisco. I never did make the move, and perhaps I should have. But instead, I stayed in a very slow job market in the South East.

  3. Sandra N says:

    I think you can have success in the right environment, but experience and a good (strong, but not a pushover) attitude is essential.

  4. Max says:

    It’s a lot easier for a woman to progress in a big city/ large company than a smaller one. They tend to be boys’ clubs. Unfortunately my degree is wasted in my home town, so I have to live away for a few years at least to get started.

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