The business world is competitive, but also offers endless opportunities for entrepreneurs and their employees alike. Our business category will advise you on the possibilities for setting up your own business, for full time income or just a little extra cash flow on the side, as well as tips on how to succeed in the business world.

Will Chinese Be The Next Big Language To Learn?

Made in China Bilingual Writing

“God has made mankind. But everything else is made in China.” The above statement is often repeated as a form of joke, gently jabbing at the enormous volume of Chinese-made products currently being sold in almost every major economy in the world. However, it is also no secret that many major manufacturers have set up […]

What Employers Should Know About Redundancy

Disappointed Woman Leaving Her Job

Even though the need to terminate employees because of redundancy has existed for as long as employment itself, it still is never a fun or easy thing to do. The current economic weather in the United States suggests that even though the recession technically ended some years ago now, many companies are still struggling to […]

Making Online Portfolios with Flickr

Stack of Photos

While Flickr was not the first photo-sharing and hosting website online, it is now one of the most popular sites offering individuals a platform where they can post multitudes of photos and videos for the rest of the world to see. Aside from their photo sharing services, Flickr also serves as a converging point for […]

Find Your Company’s Next Great Employee Online

Online Networking Concept

Relatively recent communication and information technology improvements have allowed people to connect with each other and communicate on new levels. These significant innovations have also afforded corporate employers to scout for potential employees easily over the Internet. Many employers nowadays find social media sites to be a cost effective means of hunting for qualified new […]

Addressing Conflicts in the Workplace

Workplace Disagreement

No matter how good you as an employee are to your fellow workers, clients, and bosses, you will eventually end up conflicting with someone in the workplace. Conflicts in the office are very natural, mainly because mixed personalities working in close proximity with one another will tend to clash from time to time. There is […]

Balancing Work and Play: Tips for Corporate Professionals

Work Life Balance

According to scientists, professionals do a lot more at work if they dedicate a fraction of their time for leisure activities. In contrast, workers who spend a lot of time doing work, even during weekends and breaks, are found to be morbid and seem to suffer consequences of living physically inactive lifestyles and sedentary work […]

Be Your Own Boss, Start An Enterprise

Confident Entrepreneur At Office

Many business experts say that starting a business is not for everyone. Rather, owning and operating an enterprise is suited for people who like to take risks and have a penchant for success. Still, it takes more than just courage and overzealousness to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship. Most people may have the idea […]

Could You Be Using Facebook In Your Business?

Connecting Through Social Media

Facebook is where 900 million people from all over the world meet up. Several survey reports indicate that the average Facebook user in the United States spends about eight hours a month on FaceBook and 30 hours overall on the internet. To a savvy online entrepreneur, eight hours of Facebook in a month is more […]

Choosing a Catchy Business Name

Company Name Brand

William Shakespeare once said that “a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet.” The spirit of such wording may be applicable to certain aspects of life, but it’s definitely not in the case in the business world. Therefore, choosing a business name is an activity that must be done with utmost regard for […]

Actress Jessica Alba On Becoming a “Mompreneur”

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has been scorching the showbiz scene for years as a bombshell with significant tallent. Now, the stunning actress slash mother of two has recently become a small business owner. The Fantastic Four actress is currently heading a business venture that offers parents a vast range of eco-friendly natural products for babies and homes. […]

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