A good career will always keep you on your toes and offer a range of opportunities for development. Regardless of your current position and goals, we offer tips that will help you get what you want out of your job, or move out of it into something more rewarding. If you are interested in furthering your career and learning what pathways are available to you, our career advice category will be your guide.

The Public Information Officer Career

Man Addressing the Press

The primary role of the public information officer (PIO) is to provide the public and the media with significant information and other relevant details as directed by the agency they represent. Public information officers are typically hired to become the communications liaison of city mayors, state governors, and other government officials, and as such, the […]

How to Become an Urban Planner

Project Team Looking At Plans

Urban planning has become a critical profession especially in these very modern times where populations in urban regions are steadily increasing. Urban planners are responsible for making city designs that address various aspects of modern urban living. The concerns of urban planners usually revolve around the growing population in urban areas and how they can […]

The 3 Hottest IT Career Paths for 2013

IT Professional At Work

2013 is now well underway, and the United States economy is looking really sharp. Many markets in the country are expected to make significant growth and recoveries in the immediate future and unemployment is expected to gradually decline. Among the most promising sectors when it comes to employment stability and financial security is the IT […]

Will Chinese Be The Next Big Language To Learn?

Made in China Bilingual Writing

“God has made mankind. But everything else is made in China.” The above statement is often repeated as a form of joke, gently jabbing at the enormous volume of Chinese-made products currently being sold in almost every major economy in the world. However, it is also no secret that many major manufacturers have set up […]

The 5 Best Schools for Engineering in the US

Engineering Student

Engineering is one of the oldest professions in human history. The Pyramids at Giza, the Great Wall of China, and the invention of human flight are just some of the marvels of engineering. Today, modern engineering technologies have allowed man to construct skyscrapers, build aircraft that can travel faster than the speed of sound, and […]

X-Ray Technicians: The Best Locations To Work

OK Sign On X-Ray

X-ray technicians, also called radiologic technicians, are among the most important members of any healthcare or medical organization. They are trained professionals who operate x-ray imaging equipment and other radiologic machines to generate x-ray images of a particular section of a patient’s body. They basically use x-ray to produce pictures of the internal organs such […]

Wow Prospective Employers With Your Video Resume!

Watching Video Resume

Resumes, application letters, and portfolios are staple fixtures when it comes to job hunting. You may have an expertly written resume and application letter, and your portfolio may even be outstanding when compared to other candidates’ portfolios. The reality though, is that even with these great factors, your resume may still not stand out if […]

Get Your Dream Job, Even With An Irrelevant Degree

Successful Career

Astronomy graduates doing work as hedge fund managers? In this modern age, it is not surprising to see people work in areas that are wholly different from what they studied in college. According to Daniel Bukszpan, writer for CNBC, people with degrees in the arts can easily find jobs that have no connection with their […]

4 Top-Paying Jobs You Can Pursue Without A Degree

Divers At Work

Many students who go to film school are told that a degree in film making does not in any way promise them a place in Hollywood. Have you ever considered the possibility that the same might occur to you in your career, and you might not be able to find a job that perfectly suits […]

Establishing Healthy Office Relationships

Good Communication

One way to ensure a harmonious environment in the work place is to forge and maintain good relationships with your colleagues, clients and superiors. This is an important because they are the very people you will be spending most of your time with, and your relationships with these people will likely influence your mood, and […]

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