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Understanding the Concept of Redundancy Better

Girl Laid Off From Work

There are times when an employer suddenly terminates an employee, either temporarily or permanently, in order to reduce the workforce. This form of dismissal is legally referred to as redundancy. In other countries, redundancy is also termed as a “layoff” or “downsizing”. The following are the common reasons why redundancy occurs: Technological advancements render your […]

Making Online Portfolios with Flickr

Stack of Photos

While Flickr was not the first photo-sharing and hosting website online, it is now one of the most popular sites offering individuals a platform where they can post multitudes of photos and videos for the rest of the world to see. Aside from their photo sharing services, Flickr also serves as a converging point for […]

X-Ray Technicians: The Best Locations To Work

OK Sign On X-Ray

X-ray technicians, also called radiologic technicians, are among the most important members of any healthcare or medical organization. They are trained professionals who operate x-ray imaging equipment and other radiologic machines to generate x-ray images of a particular section of a patient’s body. They basically use x-ray to produce pictures of the internal organs such […]

Find Your Company’s Next Great Employee Online

Online Networking Concept

Relatively recent communication and information technology improvements have allowed people to connect with each other and communicate on new levels. These significant innovations have also afforded corporate employers to scout for potential employees easily over the Internet. Many employers nowadays find social media sites to be a cost effective means of hunting for qualified new […]

Wow Prospective Employers With Your Video Resume!

Watching Video Resume

Resumes, application letters, and portfolios are staple fixtures when it comes to job hunting. You may have an expertly written resume and application letter, and your portfolio may even be outstanding when compared to other candidates’ portfolios. The reality though, is that even with these great factors, your resume may still not stand out if […]

Job Application Tips For Overqualified Candidates

Overqualified Graduate

The economic slump that recently plagued the United States has forced many college graduates to scrape the bottom of the barrel for jobs. In fact, latest employment surveys indicate that many individuals are now accepting jobs that do not fit their degrees. It is not surprising to see a person who is a liberal arts […]

4 Top-Paying Jobs You Can Pursue Without A Degree

Divers At Work

Many students who go to film school are told that a degree in film making does not in any way promise them a place in Hollywood. Have you ever considered the possibility that the same might occur to you in your career, and you might not be able to find a job that perfectly suits […]

Establishing Healthy Office Relationships

Good Communication

One way to ensure a harmonious environment in the work place is to forge and maintain good relationships with your colleagues, clients and superiors. This is an important because they are the very people you will be spending most of your time with, and your relationships with these people will likely influence your mood, and […]

How to Explain the Gaps in Your Resume

Applying for a Job

Gaps in resumes are very normal and they do not necessarily equate with poor job searching skills. However, you must be ready to explain why they exist to the hiring managers you meet. Bridging the huge six-year gap in his resume became something that Jenson Crawford, a lead programmer for Southern California Edison, is now […]

Skilled Immigrants Face Hard Times in US

Immigration Papers

Legal immigrants who are looking to obtain green cards via the employment route are expected to face tough times in the United States, according to a recent news release by the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP), a research group based in Arlington, Virginia. In their press release, NAFP states that foreign nationals with considerable […]

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