Good money and asset management is the key to a sound financial future. Regardless of your income, you can put your money to work for you with the right ideas and strategies. Nothing can replace your own professional financial planner, but we offer some ideas and tips to get you started along the path of investing and smart money management.

3 Questions Facing Retirees of the Future

Retirement Plans

When we are young it seems almost impossible to conceive of our needs and wants at retirement age. Unfortunately, those who do not create concrete plans early on in life can find themselves dis-empowered when the end of their working life draws near. It is important to start asking yourself the important questions early, making […]

Debt Management Plans: An Effective Answer to Debt

Uncertain Financial Future

Credit card debt has become a bane for many American consumers today. The fact is that many have fallen prey to their weaknesses when it comes to spending money they don’t actually have, using credit cards to buy what they could not normally afford with cash. As a result of this, a large number of […]

What Employers Should Know About Redundancy

Disappointed Woman Leaving Her Job

Even though the need to terminate employees because of redundancy has existed for as long as employment itself, it still is never a fun or easy thing to do. The current economic weather in the United States suggests that even though the recession technically ended some years ago now, many companies are still struggling to […]

The Risks of Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Houses Made of Credit Cards

Almost every American consumer carries credit card debts. In many cases, many average American consumers carry multiple credit cards, and therefore, even have multiple credit card debts. Clearly if you are in such a situation, it can make things very difficult, especially during tighter economic times. The good news is that there are many ways […]

Two Effective Strategies to Pay off Credit Card Debt

Paying On Credit

Credit card debt is recognized as one of the most prevailing financial issues that the average American consumer faces. According to statistics, about 56 percent of consumers in the United States had an unsettled balance in the past 12 months. Reports also indicate that every household in the country has an average total credit card […]

5 Effective Financial Tips for College Students

College Student at Library

College time is perhaps one of the most expensive phases in most people’s lives. In fact, many people who’ve graduated from college still carry debts that stem from student loans and other college financial programs. Hence, it’s not surprising to see college students working hard in menial job positions in order to get themselves through […]

Different Investment Vehicles Explained

Stock Market Calculations

Many people are now dying to see their money grow through investment. But there are many ways to invest, each designed for a specific purpose and for a specific type of investor. There are quite a number of investment vehicles you can choose to delve into, depending on your approach, risk level, and other factors. […]

How To Invest Your Salary Wisely

Dollar Sign With Expanding Arrows

There may have been moments when you’ve asked yourself how you might be able to get better mileage out of your salary in order to better your financial situation. Frankly, many working individuals want to make more than they currently do, or find some way to increase the financial security and stability of their lives […]

Investing in Gold: Good or Bad Idea?

Gold Bars

Many people are now looking for investment options with hopes of financial security and stability into the future. However, with so many investment vehicles available now, how would you know which investment option is the best for you? Investment experts and financial advisers may have huge portfolios of investments, but many of them believe that […]

Impact Investing: A Thoughtful Approach To Investment

Sustainable Investment

Impact investing is not a relatively new term in the financial world but is far from the traditional investment practices known to most people. However, many organizations are very much willing to engage in such type of business. The question that begs an answer then is: what is impact investing? The New Hampshire Charitable Trust […]

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