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Professional Cooks Among Worst Paid Workers in US

Astonished Cook

Professional cooks in the United States are rated as among the lowest paid workers in the country, according to a recent employment and career survey. Professional cooks are receiving an average salary of $18,230 a year, or around $8.76 an hour. There are over half a million people who belong to this profession. Aside from […]

Food Service Jobs Among the Lowest Paying in US

Waitress At Table

The United States has been hit hard by the recent economic recession that officially ended in 2009. While three years have already passed, several sectors of the labor force are still suffering badly. According to various recent employment surveys administered by several organizations, many professions have taken bad hits, particularly in the salary department. Chief […]

X-Ray Technicians: The Best Locations To Work

OK Sign On X-Ray

X-ray technicians, also called radiologic technicians, are among the most important members of any healthcare or medical organization. They are trained professionals who operate x-ray imaging equipment and other radiologic machines to generate x-ray images of a particular section of a patient’s body. They basically use x-ray to produce pictures of the internal organs such […]

The Best Jobs Within the Agriculture Industry

Crop Rows On A Farm

Agriculture will always remain a factor in any economy. Many basic human needs, particularly food, are served by the agriculture industry. And with the demand for food expected to increase in the near future, choosing a career in the agriculture sector has never been a wiser move for many Americans. If you are eager to […]

Farming Will Be Bigger than Banking, Experts Predict

A Future In Agriculture

If you are looking for a career that will generate better pay compared to other professions, then you better be ready to get your hands dirty. According to business whiz and bestselling financial advice author Jim Rogers, becoming a farmer could earn you even more than a banker in the years to come. With all […]

Best U.S. States For A Teaching Career

Young Teacher Preparing for Lesson

The teaching profession is expected to experience an increase in the immediate future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment options for kindergarten and elementary teachers will grow by as much as 17 percent within the 2010-2020 decade. Ranks of high school teachers will see 7 percent growth while the number of post-secondary teachers, […]

Jobs With the Highest Salaries in the U.S. (Part 2)

Jobs With the Highest Salaries: Surgeon

There are two parts to this blog post. If you have not already done so, you should read part one first. The first part of the list consisted of occupations that have nothing to do with the healthcare and medical industry. In this continuation however, the top five highest paying jobs in the United States […]

Jobs With the Highest Salaries in the U.S. (Part 1)

Jobs With Highest Salaries: Air Traffic Control

Many people think that the highest paying professions in the United State involved working in the film and acting industry or working as an entertainer or as a professional athlete. While some of the big names in the showbiz industry and the sports world make millions every year, the Department of Labor does not include […]

The Best US Cities for Female Professionals

Best Cities for Female Professionals: Seattle

Traditionally speaking, men have always been the provider for the household. He worked while his partner took care of the children and their abode. However, things started to dramatically change when women became more involved in politics, business, economics, and practically everything that was once predominantly ruled by men. In this modern world, men and […]

Effective Tips in Negotiating a Starting Salary

Negotiating a Starting Salary

Say you nailed the interview and you obviously have the job in the bag. What happens when the salary rate your interviewer is offering is way below what you have expected? Would you negotiate for more or settle for less? Most jobseekers do not negotiate on the starting salary mainly because they do not know […]

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