“Creative Economy” Fuels Global Economic Relief

The numbers of professionals who earn an income online is exponentially increasing, and their contributions to the recovery of the US economy is seen by some as being significant. According to the Global Online Employment Report released by Elance, growth in online work has been steadily shooting up. On top of that, the report also says that job opportunities and earnings potential in the online world is outpacing the economies structured on conventional employment approaches. More and more employers are now looking for online-based workers for their creative talent.

Fabio Rosati, CEO of Elance, said in the report that among the things that have led to the rise of the creative economy is the “ease of working online”. Rosati said that with the Internet, a manager can now assign tasks to employees regardless of time and location. This fact is then partnered with the ability of many employers to access a global pool of talented workers, ranging from website development, content management, customer service, and systems administration among others. The fact that employers can now instantly connect with a huge source of talent is “driving a massive adoption of online work,” Fabio said.

The Global Online Employment Report suggests that the creative economy is pulsating with vast employment opportunities. The report reveals that many companies now are making huge investments in creative services, increasing the demand for skills like web design (+574%), voice acting (+295%) and content writing (+256%). This shift to online work may be perceived as a precursor as to how big and small businesses will engage their customers in the future as well as how they will commit to business growth.

Europe may get a boost from online work

Many European countries are still reeling from the economic recession but the online job market has been making positive contributions to the region’s ailing economies. With the London Olympics recently being held, London’s creative economy was ballooned with hiring rates up as much as 25 percent over the last quarter.

In other areas of Europe, online job demands have led to a 43% growth in online hiring and 74% growth in online earnings. Greece, which is among the economically devastated nations of Europe, has seen a 33% increase in online hiring and 32% increase in online earnings despite its devastating 22 percent unemployment rate.

United States lights up too

Online hiring in the United States also saw a meteoric rise. Hawaii (+53%), North Carolina (+47%) and Tennessee (+33%) have had the biggest growth in online hiring during the second quarter (Q2). Rural regions in the United States are also proving their worth as part of the global creative economy. Farm towns like Littleton, New Hampshire, Southfield, Michigan, and Littleton, Colorado are generating online jobs for creative workers worldwide.

While traditional employment structures are still prevalent today, many traditional workers are now crossing over to online employment, breaking free from the conventional 9 to 5 jobs and cubicle lifestyle. Traditional workers such as architects, electricians, and mechanical engineers are now finding more and more opportunities in the online job market as well.

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