How To Land That Job You Don’t Quite Qualify For

Hard times call for hard measures. And in these very economically challenging times, many people are desperate for jobs. Because of this, there are many people who would currently be willing to lower themselves to a position that is below their level of education in order to just get hired. However, there are also some people who are making the bold move of applying for a position that is generally beyond their reach. While the majority of people doing this are turned down, there are a few who manage to grab the job and became successful in their positions. Tim Murphy, a website owner, is one of these successful people, and below are several of his tested tips on how to get a job even if you do not fit the bill.

Launch a blog and grow it. The Internet is a very useful human invention and you can use it as a tool to strengthen your resume, says Tim Murphy. With no experience in the professional arena, Murphy launched a blog and grew it. When he applied for company that sells high men’s gear, he did not have any experience in writing product reviews. Instead, he included in his application the link to his blog. He may not have any inkling about writing product reviews, but his blog did tell the company that Murphy can actually write.

Another benefit one gets from owning a blog is that you can use it to build your online portfolio. You can put in your videos, photographs and other materials that display your expertise on various subjects. For Murphy, it provided him with a platform to demonstrate his product reviewing skills. And it worked for him.

Modify your resume. Murphy suggests that applicants should take a new look at their resume to really see it from their potential employers’ eyes. If you are applying for a driving position and your resume does not provide any significant information about your driving skills, then you need to go back to the computer and type another one. Murphy did just that when he applied to be a writer. “I didn’t add a few things about writing to my existing resume,” Murphy said. “I rewrote it completely, making it sound like all I ever did was write.”

You do not want to lie though. What you need to do is take a look at your experiences and use them to bolster your resume. Past roles, minor jobs, and even personal passion can be used to pack your resume with details that are important to your potential employer. Murphy notes that many people “don’t realize that different activities mean different things to different employers.”

Pitch yourself as someone new. When a potential employer gives you a rare chance for an interview, despite your lack of experience and credentials, try not to say things like “I will be a good fit for the team”. Instead, focus on what the company needs and tell them you are that guy. Murphy, when applying for his product reviewer position, never projected himself as someone good at writing product reviews. Rather, he presented himself as someone who could bolster under-represented products in their company. And it worked.

“Employers are looking for something NEW.” Murphy said. “Fresh perspective, different ideas, alternative skill sets, new solutions. We can’t pitch ourselves as more of the same!”

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