Immigration Stabs American Employment at the Heart

While the generally accepted view is that the most recent economic meltdown in the United States ended in 2009, many are still feeling the effects. In fact, a recent social survey states that 53 percent of college graduates who are under 25 years of age will either be unemployed or underemployed. All of them, however, will be seeking jobs. That is more than 100 million Americans.

While the numbers and the immediate economic future of the Unites States are looking shaky, the situation seems to be working well for immigrant workers. Their presence in the American landscape has caused big tensions over the past years, mainly because they get jobs while many American citizens are left unemployed or underemployed.

In a report entitled 10 Things That Will Happen If Barack Obama Continues To Systematically Legalize Illegal Immigration, it is noted that as immigrants’ numbers continue to escalate, salary rates go lower and lower, thus hurting the employment prospects of Americans in their own country.

The report also states that immigrants could overwhelm the United States government in the long run. Workers in the United States get to enjoy specific benefits and interests. If the “flood” of illegal immigrants is left unchecked, it claims, they will soon make up most of the US labor force.

If that happens, the US government would then need to shell out money to provide for welfare payments, food assistance, housing loans, health care benefits, and free education for their children. The problem would be that the money used to pay for these benefits would then need to come from American taxpayers’ pockets.

It may be happening already, suggested the article. In California, many hospitals have closed down because they can’t afford to stay operational, due to the huge volumes of immigrants who are not capable of paying the fees. It stated that these immigrants are simply taking advantage of the state’s health care system, which is already stretched to the limit.

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