Jobs That Could Catapult You to Fame

There are quite a number of individuals who want to make it to the big screen. The road to glory and fame, however, is reserved for a select few. There are many aspiring actors and actresses who venture from one audition to the next while waiting tables and parking cars. There are writers who relentlessly send their scripts to numerous film production outfits and TV stations only to collect rejection slips.

In reality, there are a lot of people who are blessed with gifts that could be of great use in the entertainment industry. Sadly, there are not many opportunities out there. If you are tough and would like to enter the entrainment industry anyway, here are some of the jobs that might get you the exposure and the contacts to make it to the top- although pursuing these jobs is by no means a guarantee of success!


Becoming a photographer can help you fast track your way into the entertainment business if you know how to play you cards right, on top of being good with the camera. If you know how to shoot the right pictures of the right entertainment figures at the right moment, you will find that repute within the industry and perhaps a few seconds of reference in news and gossip shows can follow. You can also venture into fashion and documentary photography to further build and boost your reputation.

TV program writer

The TV writer route is an excellent option if you want to break through in the entertainment field. Many writers have found success in TV and the big screen, and you can replicate such feats if you know how to write a good story line, build characters, and equip them with good and engaging dialogue. Another important factor is developing contacts on the inside if you want to increase the chances of getting your work noticed by TV producers and executives.


If your body can take the hits, pain, and do things big-time actors would dare not do, then perhaps this is your door to the entertainment business. TV programs and films are always in need of stuntmen to do scenes that involve a lot of risk. The basic requirement of becoming a stuntman is physical prowess, which means you need to be trained in martial arts, gymnastics, and sports. Otherwise, don’t consider yourself cut out for the job. Several stuntmen have even made the transition to star on the big screen. Asian film icon Jackie Chan and martial arts champion Jean Claude Van Damme are prime examples.

Stunt driver

There is huge demand for stunt drivers in the show business, ranging from movies to commercials to advocacy ads. If you know how to drive and drive well, there might be a slim chance for you to get inside the showbiz industry through this route. You just need to prove your skills and attend some stunt driving schools before you can get a shot in a low-budget production, and work your way up from there.

Makeup artist, Hairdresser or Personal trainer

There is always a great demand for experts such as these in the film industry. Although the sheer number of aspiring professionals can overwhelm the demand, becoming a professional makeup artist is a much simpler approach to entering the entertainment field compared to auditioning for roles in TV or in films. These days, many celebrities like to create close and very public working relationships with their support staff, as with Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves (who is a hairdresser) or Gweneth Paltrow and Tracey Anderson (who is a personal trainer). For the professional makeup artist, hairdresser or PT, fame and great financial success can sometimes follow.

These jobs may catapult you to fame, or they may not. However, these professions can be your ticket to a lucrative living in the entertainment and film business if you work hard on it and do your best to succeed.


  1. R says:

    You aren’t suggesting that people become paparazzi are you, trying to get pictures of famous people? Ugh.

  2. Stacy says:

    Wow where do you go to school to become a stunt double or stunt driver? Don’t you have to have really good health insurance as well- would it be hard to get because of the nature of the job?

  3. Danielle says:

    I would love to get a job like one of these… except I wouldn’t want to be a paparazzi sneaking pictures of famous people in order to get there. I’d rather earn my way as a stunt driver ;)

  4. Reppo says:

    Thank you for the good write-ups like this about interesting careers.

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