Jobs With the Highest Salaries in the U.S. (Part 1)

Many people think that the highest paying professions in the United State involved working in the film and acting industry or working as an entertainer or as a professional athlete. While some of the big names in the showbiz industry and the sports world make millions every year, the Department of Labor does not include their kind in the top 25 highest paying jobs in the country.

Simply put, only a fraction of professional entertainers and sportsmen make more than six digits. In the list made by the Department of Labor, 8 out of 10 top-paying professions in the United States are of medical in nature. So to blast monotony out of the way, here five of the highest paying non-medical occupations in the country.

10. Natural Sciences Manager (Biggest payout: $97,560)

A natural sciences manager is typically employed by firms involved in research and development, pharmaceutical firms, and agricultural and environmental organizations. They also monitor the work of other scientists like biologists, geologists, agricultural scientists, and chemists.

The position requires an MBA or a doctorate degree in natural sciences. Since most employers of natural sciences managers belong to the commercial and research and development sector, one must have an exceptional aptitude for business functions like marketing, finance, and sales.

9. Marketing Manager (Biggest payout: $100,020)

Marketing managers are present in almost all business sectors and organizations. They are basically individuals with sheer talent for making things happen from brand development, image creation, media marketing and exposure, and promotional development among other things. Depending on the organization’s size and structure, a marketing manager’s functions can either be vast or specific.

Highly-paid marketing managers in the United States usually have a college degree in business administration and business communications and an MBA. Communication skills and marketing competency are also required to excel in this position.

8. Computer and Information Systems Manager (Biggest payout: $100,110)

A main responsibility of a computer and information systems manager is to ensure that the company’s IT infrastructure is flawless, operational, and employs a formidable security system. Most computer and information systems managers start as data analysts, programmers, and database directors who are usually tasked to oversee portions of the IT system of the company. A computer and information systems manager, simply put, is tasked to monitor and direct the whole information systems management of an entire enterprise.

7. Air Traffic Controller (Biggest Payout: $100,430)

The majority, if not all, of air traffic controllers in the United States are employed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Their task is simple yet complex at the same time: to ensure the skies they monitor are safe for aircrafts. They monitor flight movements and direct communicate with pilots to provide them with coordinates and instructions for takeoff and landing. They also notify pilots of possible hazards during flight and inform them of changes in the weather patterns.

To qualify for an air traffic controller position, one must have a bachelor’s degree with three years of work experience. Then one must undergo a training program approved by the FAA and pass an aptitude exam.  Exempted from this rule are military personnel and those who have an extensive experience in aviation.

6. Lawyer (Biggest payout: $110,590)

There is always a need for someone who knows the ins and outs of the legal system, as almost every aspect in the modern world is affected by it. There are various classifications of lawyers, depending on their fields of expertise. Environmental law, entertainment law, family law, real estate law, criminal law, and business law are some of the fields where many individuals and organizations require legal representation.

The requirements of becoming a lawyer and earning a lawyer salary are among some of the most exhaustive in the professional world. A college degree is required to enter law school. Upon graduation, one must then pass the bar to become a full-fledged lawyer. The whole process typically takes seven years.

To be continued…  (Continue reading part two here)

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