Jobs With the Highest Salaries in the U.S. (Part 2)

There are two parts to this blog post. If you have not already done so, you should read part one first.

The first part of the list consisted of occupations that have nothing to do with the healthcare and medical industry. In this continuation however, the top five highest paying jobs in the United States do include medical and healthcare occupations as listed by the US Department of Labor.

5. Dentist (Biggest payout: $132,660)

Most dentists opt to work as general practitioners, though there are many specialized fields one can choose to become an expert in. Orthodontics, oral surgery and pediatric dentistry are some of the specializations a dentist can choose to delve into. Still, general practitioners make up the bulk of the dentist population in the United States, and the majority of them own and operate their own dental clinics and handle most of the administrative tasks as well, including accounting and bookkeeping.

Dentists are required to graduate from dental schools accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA) and undergo written and practical exams to obtain their license. Those who want to learn a specialty will spend two to five years of training, depending on the field.

4. Commercial Airline Pilot (Biggest payout: $134,090)

Pilots are highly valued in the travel industry. But the path to become one is not easy. First, attending flight school is very expensive. Second, training can take years and years before a student becomes qualified to fly a commercial or passenger aircraft.

Most commercial airline pilots are former pilots from the US military. Many took this route to begin with because training in the military is topnotch and free. Of course, military pilots have to perform their military obligations first, which may take several years, before they can resign and work as commercial airline pilots.

To qualify, applicant must be at least 23 years old and have passed an array of FAA tests (written, flight and instrument) and logged a minimum of 1,500 hours flight time. Pilots who are hired by airline companies usually spend three to five years before they can be promoted to captain status, pick their routes and enjoy the full benefits of the position.

3. Engineering Manager (Biggest payout: $140,210)

Engineering managers monitor and oversee the progress and activities of other managers. Their primary responsibility is to ensure the application of the plans and coordinate the research, design, and production activities of their employers. In many instances, an engineering manager is also tasked with the financial feasibility of a project, which usually involves the technical and scientific goals.

Many engineering managers acquire a master’s or a doctor’s degree to qualify for the position. It may take years of education and training before one can be considered for the job. The highest paid engineering managers are those who work on semiconductors and electronics.

2.  Chief Executive Officer (Biggest payout: $140,880)

Chief executive officers essentially run the whole enterprise of any major company. They are the big bosses, the crème de la crème of any commercial and business structure. CEOs are responsible in strategically driving their corporations towards their goals, designing marketing schemes and analyzing market trends. They work closely with department managers and create presentations of the company’s progress to the board of directors.

In the modern world, the path to CEO status requires years of excellent performance and success. The position may also require high levels of academic training from branded universities and colleges. It is also possible for someone to become a CEO by forming his or her own corporation and putting himself in the CEO seat. Some famous CEOs did not go through college to become successful in their ventures. Bill Gates, head of the Microsoft Empire, is a prime example.

1. Surgeon (Biggest payout: $181,850)

There is no denying that medical professions can generally boast the highest salaries. Those who perform surgeries and operations, however, are the highest paid medical workers. Surgeons work on an almost daily basis, and sometimes they are called in to work on their time off or holidays if an important event arises.

The profession may seem attractive due to the average surgeon salary one can earn. But the road to becoming a surgeon is among the most demanding of all professions. Going to medical school is very expensive. As a matter of fact, about 80% of surgeons are still in debt because of the student loans they racked up while they were still studying.


  1. dave says:

    My uncle was a commercial pilot for many years and just recently was told he was getting to old to fly anymore, that was devastating to him. I think for a lot of people, that job is a real passion and the money comes second.

  2. Roger says:

    I always wanted to be a pilot, but I guess the reason they get paid so much is that the training is insanely expensive. Only rich people can afford to do it, or else you have to go through the military.

  3. virginia says:

    No wonder that we have to pay such high insurance premiums after we go to the doctor, we have to pay their ungodly wages!

  4. Robert says:

    Why does a pilot get paid so much? I mean I understand that he is thousands of feet in the air and if he doesn’t know what he is doing he could kill hundreds of people, but a bus driver could do the same thing. They get paid pittance! And why in the world does a chief engineer get paid that much- that is just ridiculous, I’ve seen what they do.

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