Management of Economy May Win Obama the Vote

Presidential candidates, specifically incumbents seeking another term in office, are judged mainly on how they will handle the economy at the moment. The current state of the United States economy is a central issue for both presidential candidates- current President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts. For Obama, he has the advantage.

In a recent poll conducted by Selzer & Co. of Des Moines, Iowa for the media outlet Bloomberg, 45 percent of the pollsters said they are fairing better today economically than at the beginning of 2009. 36 percent say that they are now worse off economically since then. These results will likely have a positive effect on Obama’s presidential reelection campaign. Obama first assumed the presidency on January 20, 2009.

The same survey revealed that many household incomes also made a huge increase when compared to last year. In fact, some of the respondents added that they are now making more substantial purchases, are frequently dining out, and are going on deferred trips and vacations.

52-year old Jim Seeley of Traverse City, Michigan, responded positively to the poll. He commented that people just need to stay positive and added that the economy is indeed getting better. A mortgage banker by profession, Seeley and his wife went on a seven-day cruise to the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year. They are among the 27 percent of respondents who took a vacation compared to only 20 percent in 2011.

Compared to Romney’s economic platform, many voters believe Obama remains the right person for the job despite the recent poor performance of the US economy. 49 percent of the respondents answered that they are more convinced of Obama’s economy management policies. Chris Howell, 23 and a staff member for a nonprofit organization based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, is convinced that Obama’s strategies will create “long term solutions” to the economic woes the U.S. is plagued with.

33 percent of the respondents believe Romney’s approach to the economic troubles is far better.

In another survey, young voters still tend to favor President Obama despite the effects of the economic recession. This includes recent college graduates who are now having extreme difficulties landing a job that matches their qualifications and expertise. Garfield Institute for Public Leadership reports that 50 percent of voters aged 18 to 29 support Obama. Around 37 percent back Romney.

However, some experts believe that there will be a lack of enthusiasm among the young voters and it will show on the election results. Around 22 million young voters showed up in the last election and were the key to Obama’s 2008 presidential win. This time, however, young voters will not be as thrilled as they were before because many have become disillusioned with nagging economic problems. With the recent economic weather, many young voters are now skeptical and conservative.

For those who say Romney is the better choice, this presidential candidate’s experience in running a business may make him a viable option. “He knows the economy,” says Romney’s campaign spokesman, Chris Maloney. “He knows how to align this country.”

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