Mark Cuban: Brick and Mortar Now In the Clouds

Mark Cuban is known for a number of things. For one, he is the very intense basketball club owner of NBA champions Dallas Mavericks. As a ball club operator, Cuban is renowned for his tendencies to engage in altercations with referees, basketball officials, even his own coaches and players. However, Mark Cuban is also known as a good businessman. He is the chairman of HDNet and the owner of Magnolia Pictures and Landmark Theatres.

From a businessman’s point of view, Cuban says that the employment landscape has branched off into two. One is what he calls the brick-and-mortar world and the other a digital world. For Cuban all occupations that call for physical contact like construction, sales, manufacturing, and product distribution belong to the brick-and-mortar world. All jobs that one can do with a computing device, whether on the desk, in one’s hand or in the cloud, are essentially digital.

With almost everything becoming automated and information now getting stored in a “cloud”, Cuban argues that applicable knowledge and information in the brick-and-mortar world is being identified and then removed and digitized. “Any information that can be created, identified or recognized is being captured in as automated a process as possible and delivered to “big data” or even small data databases in the cloud,” says Cuban.

There are repercussions, according to the sports team owner and business magnate.

Several brick-and-mortar occupations that require some degree of intelligence are becoming digitized. Less intelligence is needed. Thus, one can now work in a factory or a retail store even without a college degree. Competition for these jobs that now do not require a college degree steps up. However, while job growth is possible, the trend will definitely push the wages down. Though lower pays may not be ideal, the fact that many jobs will now open up and consider every applicant will attract more candidates. This, Cuban says, will leave the unemployed still unemployed.

“Everything of intelligence is being moved into the cloud,” says Cuban. In the digital landscape, workers do not experience shortage of employment opportunities. Instead, there are far few people to fill vacancies in the digital world.

In a world where almost every human interaction is done online, it is only natural for companies to get involved with the trend and start automating everything.

“With a laptop, a smartphone, a broadband connection and an account on Amazon Web Services or one of their competitors, if you understand technology and are willing to work your ass off, you have everything you need to start a cloud-based company,” Cuban says. “Everything.”

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