Military A Good Career Move, Say Job Experts

The global economic recession has hit the United States with a debilitating blow. Though the meltdown officially ended back in 2008, unemployment still remains high. Employment prospects are not improving for many, but for those who are in the United States military things may be looking brighter. Whether it’s the Army, Air Force, Navy, or the Marine Corps, all active military personnel are enjoying certain benefits other professionals are not.

Of course, one would think twice about joining the military, considering how physically and mentally challenging military work can be. However, many experts say that though building a career can be both challenging and exhausting, it provides a very good foundation and a stable source of income even in these hard economic times.

Those who are fresh out of training and are still getting used to their rank and position generally receive approximately $33,000 a year. That is not bad for someone who has not stepped inside a university and received a college education. Also, while most people struggle to find work and money, all military workers received two paychecks every month. The pay gets better for those who have acquired a college education as they can often be promoted to officer status.

Interestingly, joining the military does not always mean combat or deployment overseas. Depending on one’s particular skills and knowledge, one can be designated as non-combat personnel and be placed in non-combative roles such as intelligence, logistics, and ambulatory or healthcare. Another good thing about joining the military is that promotion is within everyone’s grasp and can be achieved through excellent and consistent performance, along with continued education. With regards to education, military personnel who wish to go to college can do so without worrying about tuition concerns, as the US Government will pay all college expenses.

Benefit packages are also what help make a military career more attractive. All military personnel are entitled to certain benefits, ranging from financial aid to healthcare benefits. Not only this, but members of one’s immediate family can also enjoy such advantages. Military spouses and their children may also be entitled to several benefits including free college education, financial assistance, and hospitalization to name a few. In these trying times, the costs for education, healthcare, and dental care can be very expensive. Yet for those who serve in the US military, there is less to worry about in these areas. It must be noted though, that military personnel can be at a significantly greater risk of getting seriously injured in their line of work. However, military professionals whose careers have ended abruptly because of disabling injuries will still continue to get support and benefits from the US Government.

Training and experience from the military can often also serve to be very useful in the civilian world. Many former military professionals have become successful businessmen in no small part because of the very strict military discipline they developed while wearing a military uniform.

A military career is not meant for everyone. The requirements can be very demanding and the road to success can be very hard. That said, many have succeeded in carving their careers with the Armed Forces. Given the benefits that one might enjoy, joining the military in these hard times may not only serve as a stepping stone to another career in the future, but also an enduring career choice in itself.

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