More Americans Becoming Jobless as Election Nears

As the clock winds down to Election Day, more Americans are either losing their jobs or unable to land one. In a recent news report by USA Today, 44 states in the US have suffered increased rates of unemployment in July 2012. This is the largest number of states to show weak employment prospects in three years and clearly demonstrates poor hiring on a national scale. The Department of Labor identified the states of Idaho, District of Columbia, and Rhode Island as among the areas where unemployment rose to a high level.

9 of the 44 affected states are considered as critical regions in the upcoming November 2012 Presidential elections. The current condition of the economy as well as future plans to address certain issues such as employment will be the main basis of the majority of voters when it is time to choose who should be the next President of the United States, which is less than nine weeks away.

Incumbent President Barack Obama has been leading the country since 2009. Though he has applied several measures to counter the economic problems his administration is facing, many are still unconvinced with his leadership and economic policies. If the current unemployment trend continues, it will adversely affect his reelection bid come November according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The huge spikes in the country’s unemployment trend have been helpful to further strengthen Republican Nominee Mitt Romney’s chances of securing the presidency. Romney has been relentless in targeting Obama for his ineffective economic plans and the current poor conditions of the US economy.

In a latest poll administered by Gallup about Obama’s employment and economic agendas, the President’s ratings fell by 3 percent. Last February, 40 percent of the pollsters said they were satisfied with the President’s actions to alleviate and remedy the poor economic conditions in the US. In the most recent Gallup survey, the number registered at 37 percent.

Of the 9 critical election swing states, only Michigan is seen to lean towards Obama and others are likely to go to Romney. In 2008, Michigan suffered the highest jobless rate in the country but Obama’s economic policies provided the state with enough push to make a turnaround. Obama initiated a bailout package to aid Michigan’s ailing automobile industry during the height of the economic crisis.

Iowa, another critical swing state, is still up for grabs. On September 1st Obama made a three-day visit there to rally the voters behind him. North Carolina is expected to go to Romney, along with Arizona and Missouri.

Only four states in the country gained a visible increase in their employment ratings – Alabama, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

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