Secrets to Nailing the Interview Process

Many people think that in order to win at the job interview phase, you should get involved in selling and marketing yourself to the interviewer. The content of your responses to the questions thrown at you are crucial in a job interview. While this perception is very true, successfully convincing your interviewer does not entirely hinge on talking about how good you are and how much you can contribute to the company. Nonverbal actuations during an interview can help you score important points too.

Here’s a true story. A professional headhunter was once tapped by a large accounting firm to look for the most qualified accountant in the country to fill one high-paying position in their company. Three individuals were shortlisted and gathered for the interview. After interviewing all three, an executive from the firm said to the headhunter that he eliminated one of the candidates because she never made eye contact during the initial screening process.

The moral of the story is that no matter how good you are in how you sell and market yourself, even the tiniest nonverbal detail can crush your employment chances. The good thing is that these unspoken tricks are very manageable and easy to master.

Always go for conservatism. While jeans and shirts are the clothing standards of many young start-up companies, always err on the side of conservative. That means you come to a job interview wearing business attire. Men’s and women’s dress should include jacketed suit. Polished leather shoes and belts (black is always the best), and minimalist ties are the standards for men. The goal here is to say that you are a professional individual without uttering a single word.

Go for hairstyles that show your face and eyes. Many managers and interviewers do not like modern hairstyles that obstruct their view of the candidates’ faces. As expressed earlier in this article, eye contact is important. How can you establish eye contact when your interviewers barely see yours? Also, facial expressions are important for interviewers as they express emotions that will influence them in making their hiring decision.

Tattoos and body piercings. While there is no proof that having tattoos or piercings make you a bad employee, many employers still disdain them. If you really want a job, it is in your best interest that you hide them during the interview process. However, don’t lie if you are asked about it.

Handshake. Do not grip hard or go limp with your handshake. Keep it simple. Be brief and firm.

Less is more for makeup. Female candidates should avoid wearing too much makeup. Unless you are a makeup pro and going for a beauty job, keep it understated and natural. You do not want your caked-on eyeliner to be what your interviewers remember about you.

Sit up and maintain an “eager” posture.  When you are asked to sit, position yourself in the edge of the chair to make it look like you are keen on what the interviewer is asking and saying. Strike a natural balance; don’t over extend yourself or you will risk looking somewhat manic. However, a straight back and attentive posture will have a big impact in how you are perceived.

Body language. There are certain actions we make with our body that we are not even aware of, such as finger nibbling or constantly tapping the floor with our feet. Sometimes, this body language can really hamper your chances of getting through the interview stage. Everybody has their own bad body language and in order to determine yours, you need to ask people close to you and have your habits pointed out.

These are some of the tips that will help you score points in your interview. You should also remember that, believing in yourself and your potential, you can make amazing things happen. All you need to do is emphasize your strengths and have confidence in yourself.

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