Sustainable Agriculture Jobs in the US

If you go back into human history, you’ll find that agriculture has been a key component of every culture in the world. The earliest human civilizations such as the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Babylonians, and the Indians all developed agricultural systems specifically designed to feed all the people and keep their societies alive. Today, even though many places in the world have moved from being agricultural to industrial, agriculture remains a large industry.

With this in mind, building a career in agriculture is a very good move. If you are looking to do this then it is best that you map out your future and see what options are available to you. The agriculture industry is vast and the possibilities to become successful in this field are almost unrestrained. Listed are several agriculture-based professions that provide substantial income for workers.

Agriculture Engineers

Agriculture engineers look for ways to increase farm production using technological and scientific advances. Their fields of expertise include farm structures, mechanical power, electrification, soil and water conservation, and food engineering.

Those who focus on structures design silos, granaries, water systems, and crop storage facilities. Agriculture engineers with the knack for machines design and build farming equipment and vehicles such as harvesters. They also develop complex mechanisms for crop dusting. Agriculture engineers are also expert in soil science and they can apply their knowledge for fertilization and infestation treatment purposes.

Agriculture engineers also provide their expertise in designing and building electric power systems in rural areas. They are also involved in the development of irrigation, drainage, and flood control systems.

In the United States, the median salary grade for agriculture engineers is around $56,520 per year.

Agricultural Pilots (Crop dusters)

There are many types of agricultural aviators in the agriculture industry but crop dusters seem to be the most recognizable of the lot. They fly turboprop planes or helicopters equipped with fertilizer sprayers and spray fertilizers over farms, orchards, and other crop fields. Aside from fertilizing, agriculture pilots also drop seeds for farming purposes or to reforest wilderness areas.

If the situation calls for it, agriculture pilots are also called to help in putting out farmland fires and wild fires, dropping water or fire retardants over burning fields and woodlands. They also do survey flights, taking aerial photographs of farmlands, grass fields, and movement of livestock and other farm animals.

The majority of agricultural pilots work as independent contractors and have their own planes. Since this is a seasonal job, pilots must move from state to state in order to survive. In the United States, the median salary grade for agricultural pilots is around $45,000 a year.

Soil Scientists

There are various industries that require the expertise of soil scientists. In the agricultural field, soil scientists help in categorizing soil types, measuring its fertility and toxicity levels, and determining which soils are best for farming and industrial purposes. They are usually hired by companies that develop and manufacture fertilizers and insect/pest control chemicals among others.

Soil scientists work closely with agriculturists in developing ways on how to maintain or enhance soil fertility and increase crop production. Among the areas of concern for agricultural soil scientists are: increasing nutrients level in soils, resistance to erosion, and capability for holding water. In other instances, soil scientists make maps detailing which areas are fertile and ideal for crop and farming, Mapping also helps them in determining the probability and degree of erosion, which is valuable to farmers and other agriculture workers. They also work with land surveyors and evaluate the value of land.

In the United States, the median salary for soil scientists focusing in agriculture is around $51,200 per year.

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