Turning Your Summer Gig Into a Full-Time Profession

While many people spend their summer holidays partying and going on road trips, there are others who are seeking to obtain a part time job over the summer months. People are increasingly concerned about getting a gig that can provide them with an income, and summer jobs are just the thing for many younger people. As the name suggests, ‘summer jobs’ are typically something employers only look to fill during the more lucrative summer holiday months. However, if you love your summer gig and want to try converting it into a full-time contract, here are a few of our best tips on how to convince your boss to make it happen…

Tip #1: Be reliable.
Employers nowadays understand the need for people to have a solid and secure source of income. However, they are not going to be willing to continue handing over a paycheck to workers who are not responsible or right for the job. If you’ve landed yourself a summer gig, then you are in the best position to present yourself as a reliable employee. If you can impress your employer with your working skills and show him that you are willing to be trained and learn new things, then he or she just might want to give you the opportunity for a full-time gig.

Tip #2: Be consistent.
A part-time gig is a part-time gig. However, this does not mean you have excuse to be sloppy at your work. Even if the job is just for the summer, try to be consistent in the way that you work. This could include things like always arriving in time for work, consistently running errands well, or always presenting yourself well to helping customers. If you try to always be at your best, your manager or supervisor may well start getting ideas in mind about keeping you around for the long term.

Tip #3: Build a network of friends at work.
While the workplace requires every person to treat their co-workers in a strict and professional manner, there is no rule that says you cannot be friends with them. Making friends in your summer job will not only widen your circle of contacts, but also provide you with inside information and credibility when it comes to solidifying yourself within the company. This way, if a full-time position opens up with the company and you are eligible for the spot, you will be more well recognized and able to ask your friends for reference letters or recommendations.

Tip #4: Go beyond the minimum.
Some workers are contented with doing what is minimally required by their status and position. If you want to turn your summer gig into a full-time contract, then do more. Whether its reorganizing company files or doing the inventory, you can often find ways to be more efficient and do more. By the time your summer job is nearing it’s end, you will be able to approach your manager and pitch yourself for employment through the fall. Make sure you keep track of your achievements and make note of the benefits you are offering in order to strengthen your case if necessary.

Tip #5: Make sure you’re starting with a company you like.
The first four tips will help you transform a summer job into a full time profession. However, you want to be reasonably sure that you are working in the right company or in the right industry to begin with. It does not make sense for you to want a full time occupation with a company that you don’t like working with. Additionally, if you are working at an amusement park for the summer yet you have big plans for joining a computer company in the immediate future, then you may want to reassess the situation and consider targeting your efforts into something more relevant for the future.

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